• What Is An Adventure Escape Game?

Live adventure escape games are a new form of interactive entertainment.

It is a private game booked only for You and your team, Your Family or group of friends (or workmates)

without any other people (you wouldn't like to see;)
Participants are locked in a room/game and have 60 min to escape. But it's not that easy.. You will need to (depends on the room) find objects, solve puzzles, crack the codes but definitely work as a team -communication is the key to escape.

Everything in the room matter, or not?
Complete the challenge and escape the room.

  • How Many Players Can Participate?

From 2 up to 10 players in one game (we like to call it a room)

  • What Ages Can Play A Live Room Escape Game?

Inside adventure escape game welcomes players of all ages. Our attraction is designed for players that are 8
and older, but younger players can still enjoy them and have fun. Don’t underestimate younger players – you
never know when their smaller hands will come in handy.

*A supervising companion (at least one adult) must accompany players under 16 years of age.