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The World Beyond Your Imagination

'We will take You to a different world -  with hidden places, unique puzzles and ideas beyond your imagination'

Escape Room - what is all about?

Remember, as many players- as many solutions there's no wrong way of trying to solve our puzzels, every idea is well worth to try it. You never know if it will work, all the clues are left for you in the game but the process of finding them is more important and funnier then the answer on its own. But the main point is to find the right answer. Although the whole concept of Escape room games is to open your mind and try every idea you have. Do not worry if you run out of them, the game-master will give you clues to get you back on track.

Live adventure escape games / escape rooms are a new form of interactive entertainment.

It is a private game booked only for You and your team, Your Family or group of friends (eg. workmates)

No mixed with any other people or group in the room. Rooms/ games are separated.
Participants are locked in a room/game and have 60 min to escape. But it's not that easy.. You will need to (depends on the room) find objects, solve puzzles, crack the codes but definitely work as a team -communication is the key to escape.

Everything in the room matter? You will find the answer..
Complete the challenge and escape the room.

Find, Solve, Escape and have a lot of Fun

Our Place has implemented the new 'normal' procedures for health and safety play


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